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Floriade Expo: The Netherlands

25 July 2022

Come and enjoy a unique experience at Sala Thai with a new Jazz style. A fusion of modern style jazz and  traditional Thai musical instruments will take you to another reality.


Fai bei Suoni: Italy

30 July 2022

Because life is nothing without music so let's make some sounds at the Saxophones Museum with our Italian Quartet Band.


125 Years of Friendship: Russia

5 - 7 August 2022

For love and music is the language of truce, a century (and a quarter) of friendship is being celebrated with the night of Jazz.


Jazz at The Palace: Cambodia

14 - 15 August 2022

The most honorable and exclusive event at the royal palace for the tales of jazz swinging throughout the night. [Event moved to December 2022]


Snake City Jazz Festival: Denmark

24 - 28 August 2022

Are you up for the good old New Orleans Jazz? Join us in a week long festivity of food, drinks, and music!

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