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Ministry of Jazz

The Ministry of Jazz Concert Tour took place during March - April 2022, totaling 15 concerts in multiple cities of the Netherlands.

Dutch Swing College Band Ministry of Jazz
DSC Poster feature Pathorn Srikaranonda as guest musician

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” — Roy Ayers

For 77 years, the Dutch Swing College Band (DSC) has been on the forefront of classic jazz in Europe. After postponing the tour for almost two years, the DSC Band finally presented the Ministry of Jazz Concert Tour to mark their 75th anniversary. In this tour, the DSC Band presented authentic jazz featuring international guests: trumpeter Leroy Jones and percussionist Adonis Rose from the United States, clarinetist Eiji Hanaoka from Japan, and alto saxophonist Pathorn Srikaranonda from Thailand. What is even more special about DSC is its appreciation for King Rama IX’s royal compositions. In the past, it has released many recorded albums featuring his compositions.

Pathorn is the only Thai musician ever featured with the DSC Band. In this month-long tour he played baritone saxophone in the ensemble, alto saxophone and traditional Thai flute as a soloist. Although DSC is known for its traditional jazz, it always appreciates other cultures and incorporates other culture essence into its performances.

During the tour, Dr. Pathorn promoted Thai music and instruments through “Love in Spring”, one of the royal compositions, and “Pagoda”, composed by Manrat Srikaranonda - the prominent musician in Thailand and his late father.

The tour was very organized. Not only was the setting of the jazz performance impressive, DSC members took turns to take care of the guest artists’ well-being and traveling to the performance venues. More importantly, the respect and friendship that blossomed during the tour between DSC and guest artists, also among guest artists themselves.

The Ministry of Jazz Tour proves that this traditional approach has kept on developing internationally and won over the audiences as they received standing ovations at every turn.

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